mercado fortunes red hawkOn February 26, 2013 Diamond Game provided Red Hawk Casino slot players the Spanish/English language game Walter Mercado’s FortunesTM. Located in Placerville, California, Red Hawk Casino is expected to attract more Latino players to the casino with these licensed games. With over 120 million Latino fans worldwide, Walter Mercado is instantly recognizable in any Latin community.

“Diamond Game is offering us the opportunity to reach a growing demographic with Walter Mercado’s FortunesTM, and their next game Walter Mercado’s Tarot TreasuresTM. We anticipate a great player response to these games.” ~ Mike Sweatt, Director of Gaming Maintenance.tarot treasures red hawk press release

“Licensing the Walter Mercado brand for slot games has been tremendous for Diamond Game, providing us with exciting new opportunities in Latino gambling communities throughout the country. We look forward to seeing these games take off at Red Hawk Casino.” ~ Jim Breslo, President & CEO.

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