Diamond Game’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to lotteries seeking retailer growth. Delivering on that mission is Diamond Game’s primary lottery product, the patented LT-3 ITVM. The LT-3 is the only ITVM designed for ‘stay and play’ use, creating longer play sessions and higher sales volumes. Thus, the LT-3 is the perfect product to assist lotteries with expanding their existing retailer base into less traditional venues, such as bars, taverns, bingo halls, and social clubs.

The LT-3 is a ticket dispenser that dispenses pre-printed instant scratch or pull-tab tickets on each play and displays the results on a video monitor in an entertaining manner. The footprint of the machine is less than 2 feet wide, thus allowing one or more to fit easily in even the smallest of venues. Additional features include secure ticket validation, fraud prevention, and a sophisticated accounting system.

The LT-3 is highly customizable and can meet every lottery’s unique needs.