LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, July 26, 2016 – Diamond Game today announced that has signed an agreement (the “Agreement”) with Tonk Group (“Tonk”) to distribute the LT-3 in New Hampshire (the “State”) under a charitable program regulated by the New Hampshire Lottery.

“With this agreement in place, we expect to be in a position to begin deploying LT-3 terminals in the fourth quarter of 2016 into the state of New Hampshire—our sixth North American market in which we will have LT-3s deployed,” said Richard Weil, President of Diamond Game. “Tonk will seek to secure suitable veteran, fraternal or charitable locations to place terminals as authorized by the New Hampshire laws and regulations. We are looking forward to working with Tonk and the New Hampshire Lottery to assist charities and social programs in the state that benefit from gaming activities.”

The Agreement designates Tonk as Diamond Game’s distributor in New Hampshire for a period of two years from July 26, 2016. Tonk will also provide support and maintenance services. The agreement is subject to customary regulatory requirements and restrictions.

Diamond Game designs, produces, and services games, gaming systems, and tickets for the public gaming, Native American, and charity markets. Diamond Game maintains its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California and service facilities in Hamilton, ON, and Jefferson City, MO.

For further information, please contact:
Sara Navidazar, Director of Marketing
Office: (818) 727-1690 ext. 206